50pcs Miniature Game Giant Dungeons Monster Creature Beast Dragons Figure

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Product Details
Product Details

50pcs trpg miniature game Elf dwarf warrior Priest Warlock Paladin knight

Rogue dungeons Giant monster undead creature beast dragon figures

big figure size:height 8-13 cm

smal figure size: height 2.5-6cm (base about 1-2 inch)

original genuine bulks

Note:these are genuine bulks,limited stock! may have some paint flaws or old, and totally about 100 different charcaters,do not accept choice option,send in random with different characters:)

We added some new characters here, they’re middle and big size. especially,

there get many new dragons:)

Middle size:

Nalfeshnee Demon, Troll,Carrion Crawler,Amphisbaena,Jaruunicka,Pterafolk,Quivering Cube,Ice Devil, Fire Elemental,Zilvazaraat,Bugbear Flesh Glutton,Iron Golem,Worg,Giant Caveweaver Spider,Girallon,Ogre Mage,Merrow,Riding Horse,Orc rider on Dire Wolf,Giant Moray Eel,Kamadan,Mounted Alain,Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle,Cyclops Mystic,Draft Horse,Mantrap,Roper,Kirrix,Flesh Golem,Stone Giant Elder,DAO,Grimslake,Minotaur Artillery,Solar Angel,Winter Wolf.Griffon,Pegasus.etc


blue dragon,Green dragon,Hieracosphinx,Chimera,Large Silver Dragon.red shadow dragon,Ancient Black Dragon,Ancient Red dragon,Ancient Brass Dragon,Ancient Bronze Dragon,Ancient Copper Dragon,Ancient Gold Dragon,

Big size:

Half-Fiend Minotaur,Ettin,Baphomet,Fomorian,Stone Giant Dreamwalker,Ogre,Frost Giant,Hepzamirah,Air Elemental,Fire Giant,Demogorgon,Frost GiantEverlasting One,Hill Giant,Empyrean,Cyclops,Mouth of Grolantor,Fire Elemental,Stone Giant,Stone Giant Elder,Fire Giant Dreadnought.etc

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